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The World Behind Science

We are a team focusing on clinical research. For us, Voyage means serving. We conduct research in order to provide our patients and the world of science, a better tomorrow. Clinical research would not be possible without the patients who volunteer and give their time in the hopes of discovering new medications for new and long-known illnesses. In a way, these very patients, are serving the advancements of medicine and we should be humbled by their contribution.

The Art of Stress Management: Nurturing Your Mind and Body

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, stress has become an all-too-common companion in our lives. From work pressures and financial

How Does a Healthy Lifestyle Affect Human Health?

One component of your life does not constitute the beginning of your health. It is comprehensive and includes numerous elements

Importance of Communication

Has there been at least one instance where you were misunderstood or you mistook what someone said the wrong way?

Importance of Being Proactive and Looking after one’s Health

Would you do something if you knew you could prevent it? Health consciousness and being proactive about your health is

Travel Safety Tips During a Pandemic

It’s been 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us. Covid-19 variants, such as Delta and Omicron, are still spreading

Effective Ways to Stay Healthy Amidst Covid 19 Pandemic

  Surround Yourself with Important People and Strengthen Connections.  During the pandemic, it is important to stay Connected with our