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Internships with a Vision

Internships Develop aptitude and strengthen character. And here at Voyage Medical we want it to be an opportunity of learning and Preparation. We prioritize our interns with any open positions and give them monthly exams to test their abilities. 

Priority for a Position

We prioritize our interns when it comes to any open positions. We give extensive training on many aspects of our clinical research and vaccines.

Monthly Assessments

We design monthly assessments that are put together in an effort to measure real-world improvements in our interns. We want our interns to feel that they are in fact learning the processes and protocols of our clinic.

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Education runs deep within our organization. Both Saiaf and Dr. Imran are dedicated to Giving out the knowledge they have in both Research and vaccinations. We make an effort to ensure you have a good understanding of protocols, procedures, vaccinations, requirements, and everything in between. 

Qualified Team Members

We communicate and collaborate with our interns with positively and patience.

On-site Exams

We communicate and collaborate with our students and prepare them for on-site exams. We want to make sure they are being taught in a manner that leaves a lasting impact.

Internship Completion Certificate

We will help you put together your resume and give you a certificate of completion. Once you complete the internship program we will hope to offer you the open position we feel best suits you.

Prioritize Learning

Your learning will be our top priority. We will collaborate with you given the objectives as this will help you attain effectiveness and efficiency.

Dedicated Systems

We have a dedicated system to ensure you will get the proper training.

In-Person Training

There will be interactions between you and our medical professionals. It is most effective to learn the tasks with hands on experience for the advancement of your knowledge and skills.

Our Success Story

Andrew Shikhavt Vaccines

I came to Voyage Medical to get my Yellow Fever shot.

Della Neor Typhoid Vaccine

I came to Voyage Medical to get my Yellow Fever shot.

Nolon Cion Vaccines

I came to Voyage Medical to get my Yellow Fever shot.

Maya Dasker Vaccines

I came to Voyage Medical to get my Yellow Fever shot.


    Our course is a great alternative to traditional school curriculum offering knowledge to students and develops the critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, communication and collaboration which they need for further education, career, and life.

    Graphic organize in science and social study

    Students are blended with the grade level courses and learn in the interactive environment. The curriculum is designed by identifying the skills and objectives that are required for the students for the particular grade levels.

    Experience in Clinical Research

    Here at Voyage Medical you will be able to experience the basics and fundamentals of a clinical research trial. The program aims to give you the ability in line with medicine, science, and health care. Training will be provided together with our staff. 

    We Are Here to Help You Succeed

    Success always comes with an intention. Doing what you’re passionate about is the key to your success. At Voyage Medical we are here to help you in every step of your journey to success.

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    Dedication Beyond Measure

    Clinical Research is at the heart of what we do. We have a fully dedicated team to ensuring Patient safety and data efficacy.

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