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Patient Safety
Patient Safety is our top priority. We never compromise when it comes to ensuring that our patients feel comfortable and in the loop every step of the way.
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Voyage Medical shall ensure that:
1. A patient is treated with dignity, respect, and consideration;
2. A patient is not subjected to:
       a. Abuse
       b. Neglect
       c. Exploitation
       d. Coercion
       e. Manipulation
       f. Sexual abuse
       g. Sexual assault
       h. Except as allowed in R9-10-1012 (B), restraint or seclusion
       i. Retaliation for submitted a complaint to the Department or another entity, or
    j. Misappropriation of personal and private property by an outpatient treatment center’s personnel member, employee, volunteer, or student; and

3. A patient or the patient’s representative
      a. Except in an emergency, either consents to or refuses treatment
      b. May refuse or withdraw consent for treatment before treatment is initiated
    c. Except in an emergency, is informed of alternatives to a proposed psychotropic medication or surgical procedure and associated risks and possible complications of a proposed psychotropic medication or surgical procedure.
      d. Is informed of the following:
          i.   The outpatient treatment center’s policy on health care directives, and
         ii.     The outpatient complaint process
   e. Consents to photographs of the patient before a patient is photographed, except that a patient may be photographed when admitted to an outpatient treatment center for identification and administrative purposes, and
       f. Except as otherwise permitted by law, provides written consent to the release of information in the patient’s
          i. Medical records or
         ii. Financial records. 

Here is a list of Your Rights as a Patient

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