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A physical examination aims to assist your healthcare professional in assessing the state of your wellness. The exam also allows you to analyze any health complications you may be experiencing and explore various treatment options. A physical assessment at least once a year is recommended. Without annual health assessments, several medical issues can go undetected […]

Voyage Medical’s Services

Need to get vaccinated, looking to get STD screening, or traveling out of the country? At Voyage Medical, we offer various medical services. As a primary care office and travel consultation and research clinic, we provide malaria prescriptions, UTI testing and treatment, ear wax cleaning, women’s health, physical examinations, titers, STD screenings, vaccinations, and conduct […]

How Clinical Research can be Conducted in a Safe Manner

Safety is imperative when conducting clinical research. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, clinical trials undergo a thorough and strict review process. Authorities develop a set of rules and enforce them to make sure the study is executed safely and legitimately. The staff and doctors part of the study must abide by the […]

How Clinical Research can Drive Change

Clinical research enhances medical knowledge and patient experience; the information from the study promotes new treatments for diseases and discovers methods to identify, diagnose, as well as decrease the chances of developing the disease. There can only be so many experiments that can be conducted in a laboratory or on animals, therefore, clinical trials reveal […]