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How Clinical Research can Drive Change

Clinical research enhances medical knowledge and patient experience; the information from the study promotes new treatments for diseases and discovers methods to identify, diagnose, as well as decrease the chances of developing the disease. There can only be so many experiments that can be conducted in a laboratory or on animals, therefore, clinical trials reveal vital results that are conducted on humans.

The trial offers the participants a chance to help others to receive an advanced treatment for their future health and well-being. It also provides the participants a chance to receive new treatment for a disease before it is widely accessible, while implementing frequent medical care and check-ups as part of the study. According to the National Institutes of Health, 85% of patients did not know that participation in a clinical trial was an option during time of diagnosis and 75% of these patients reported that they would have enrolled if they were informed. Therefore, awareness of clinical trials is extremely essential for enrollment and approach towards clinical trials.

Clinical research allows individuals to partake and be active in their own health journey. Participants can become a partner in scientific discovery and their role can guide future generations to more knowledge and a healthier lifestyle. Without clinical research and the participants, major medical developments would not be possible.

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