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Voyage Medical’s Services

Need to get vaccinated, looking to get STD screening, or traveling out of the country? At Voyage Medical, we offer various medical services. As a primary care office and travel consultation and research clinic, we provide malaria prescriptions, UTI testing and treatment, ear wax cleaning, women’s health, physical examinations, titers, STD screenings, vaccinations, and conduct clinical research at our facility. 

Voyage Medical primary care offers physical examination for school sports and work requirements. We also have blood pressure screenings to make sure that your blood pressure is within normal ranges. Education and resources are always prepared and provided for every service. The women’s health service consists of contraceptive care, pelvic examinations, and pregnancy tests. Additionally, if you are traveling outside of the country, utilize our travel consultation service to explore what vaccines and prescription medications are needed to have a safe and worry free travel. 

Interested in participating in a clinical trial? Voyage Medical’s team designed an organized system to implement the best and stress less experience for our participants. Safety and comfort is a priority at Voyage Medical. Our clinic offers communication throughout the entirety of the study for any questions or concerns you may have. We have a dedicated team to ensure patient safety and data efficacy. Clinical research is at the heart of what we do. 

About Us

We are a team focusing on quality Healthcare And Clinical Research. Vaccination before travel is extremely important. It protects you and protects those around you. It ensures global public health.

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