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What Voyage Medical Has to Offer

What makes Voyage Medical unique is that unlike any other research organization, we offer clinical services to the public as well. When we started our clinic we offered vaccines and consultations for travel, medical rotation for students, COVID vaccines and COVID tests. After a few months of being in service, we saw the need of widening the scope of healthcare services and we developed Fast Clinic Services which will be discussed further in this article. 

Let us dig deeper on the following services we offer:

  • Clinical Research 

A journey to better research – is our mantra. Our Research department has been hard at work conducting a variety of studies. We continue connecting with new organizations and physicians. Recruiting of study participants is one of our primary focuses; and we aim to do it in a way that educates and enlightens patients. By growing our network, we are able to serve the community; making advancements in the field of medicine.

The process of transforming medical knowledge and practice through clinical research is essential. Numerous challenges are faced by the study in order to ensure an honest, secure, and reliable operation. Clinical research prioritizes the health and comfort of participants because studies cannot be conducted without them.

  • Travel Vaccinations and Consultations

Voyage Medical takes a targeted approach to travel assessments, making sure we have a complete understanding of your health history, allergy history, and available options. Additionally, information on additional drugs that visitors might require is addressed, and if necessary, delivered to you during your visit. Voyage Medical can give you details about your intended travel destination, safety precautions you should be aware of, any health and safety alerts, and recommendations for vaccines based on your destination and degree of activity while there.

  • Educational Programs

Voyage Medical takes the opportunity to pass on the knowledge of our medical professionals and research experts to the aspiring doctors in the community through its clinical rotations and internship programs. Our curriculum was made by the joint efforts of our doctors, nurses and clinical research coordinators making sure that each participant can have both online courses as well as hands-on training.

  • COVID-19 Tests

PCR and Antigen tests are being offered at Voyage Medical clinic in Tempe, Arizona and patients have the option to get it within 30 minutes. We also have drive-thru testing to be able to accommodate patients at their convenience. 

  • Fast Clinic Services

We developed Fast Clinic services such as: Pregnancy Tests, Ear Wax Removal, Malaria Prophylaxis, UTI Tests, STD Tests, Contraceptive Care, Blood Pressure Screening, Blood Titers, and more which will all be available soon. The goal of putting these services up is to give access to these most in-demand services in the locality so patients would no longer need to travel for hours to get immediate service be it for personal, work or travel related requirements.

With all that our clinic is capable of doing, Voyage Medical makes sure that patients are at the center of what we do. Our services were developed based on the need to improve the quality of life the individuals in our community have.

About Us

We are a team focusing on quality Healthcare And Clinical Research. Vaccination before travel is extremely important. It protects you and protects those around you. It ensures global public health.

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