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What is Clinical Research?

The field of healthcare science known as clinical research evaluates the efficacy and safety of treatments, equipment, diagnostic tools, and drugs designed for human use. This is accomplished through clinical trials. The field of healthcare science known as clinical research evaluates the efficacy and safety of treatments, equipment, diagnostic tools, and drugs designed for human use. It is how we discover how to recognize, identify, and treat illness. Numerous diverse components of scientific exploration are described by clinical research. In simple terms, it uses human subjects and aids in the translation of fundamental research (conducted in labs) into novel therapeutics and knowledge that will benefit patients. These could be utilized for symptom relief, disease prevention, treatment, and diagnosis. In order to understand human disease, prevent and treat illness, and promote health, clinical research is a crucial component of medical and health research.




These include pharmaceutical corporations, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology businesses, universities, private foundations, and national societies are a few examples of sponsors from the public and private sectors. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is considered the biggest clinical research sponsor in the public sector.

Research Institutes

The organization itself which conducts the research includes academic medical facilities, survey research firms, federal government intramural research initiatives, contract research firms, and private research institutions like Voyage Medical are examples of research organizations.

Oversight/Regulatory Entities

Oversight entities are considered the most important component of clinical research since they are the ones who make sure that patient safety is on top of everything. These entities include Institutional Review Boards, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, National Committee for Quality Assurance, and other national regulatory agencies


It is indeed important that researchers are academically qualified. These are scientists from a variety of areas that do clinical research like MD, Ph.D., RN, DDS, PharmD and more.


Participants include human volunteers that can either be healthy or not, human-originated medical data, biological materials, and information obtained from volunteer data. Participants may be healthy volunteers, people in general, or those with specific health conditions that match the criteria of the study. Each participant is being assessed accordingly depending on the nature of the study.


These are the people or entities which mainly benefit from the outcome of the research. Examples are health insurers, managed care organizations, healthcare systems, organized medicine, non-profit health organizations, patient advocacy organizations, purchasers of healthcare, healthcare providers, public health systems, and individual consumers are examples of stakeholders/consumers.

We are extremely lucky to have experienced the kind of healthcare we have today where medications and healthcare equipment are already advanced by hundreds and even thousands of years of research. Even our history would tell us that clinical research is fundamental in building up a better community. 

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