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Travel Vaccinations & Clinical Research ​

Voyage Medical offers a variety of services that range from Vaccines, Clinical Research, and Education programs for Medical Students. Our clinic is a quality provider of travel vaccinations.

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Advancing Medicine Through Patient-Centric Clinical Research in Arizona

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New Challenges and Opportunities allow teams to thrive. Our culture is based on education and continuous improvement - always on a journey to better research. We believe that with dedication and focus we can deliver world-class care to our patients.

Vaccines & Research​

All Your Vaccination Needs​

We offer a full range of vaccines from Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, TDap, Typhoid, MMR, and more. Voyage Medical is your travel vaccinations concierge

Clinical Research​

We conduct Clinical Research to determine the safety and effectiveness of medications for human use.

Great Central Location​

We are located in the center of the valley. On Rural Rd, North of the 60.

Dedicated Team​

Our team of medical professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 480-306-5000.

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Our clinic is open Monday to Saturday; 8am to 6pm. We are available by chat, or email 7 days a week.

"Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."

Clinical Research Drives Change

Why choose us​

We have a team of highly knowledgeable medical professionals. We work consistently to ensure that you have a good experience with vaccines or as a clinical trial participant.

Knowledgeable Team​

Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have about vaccines or clinical research.

Quick & Affordable ​

Our turnaround time and pricing for vaccinations is very competitive.

Customer Support​

We are available via chat and email at info@voyagemedical.com; you are welcome any time to stop by our office in Tempe.
See What Our Team Members Are Saying

Afsana Shaheen


Everyone at Voyage is so kind and cooperative . As a virtual staff it's very important to keep us involved and interactive in daily business so that we feel like we are as important for the organization as the physical staff. Voyage boosted my self esteem and confidence and gave me well deserved respect and love.

Ian Magsino


Being a member of the Voyage Medical team entails being a part of a committed team that genuinely wants to change people's lives. forming a community that is more compassionate and healthy. I am cruising along this amazing healthcare journey. I embraced an incredible opportunity to grow, learn, and make a significant impact in the healthcare landscape. My journey with Voyage Medical is filled with hope and hospitality! And also, Voyage has given us amazing benefits. I am very thankful for the Voyage Medical family.

Saiaf Abdallah


Voyage has given me a career full of purpose. Voyage has given me a chance to serve others in a way that I haven't had in other career paths. Voyage also spoils me with a list of benefits that I can't keep up with. There hasn't been a year at Voyage wherein I've used all my benefits. And that is not an exaggeration. The core values here at Voyage Medical are actually very powerful. Ever since I started at Voyage, I have been enamored by the adherence to them. The seriousness by which they are implemented is inspiring. I appreciate the culture of Voyage because there is a mechanism of action placed behind them. The culture isn't all talk, but rather one of active implementation. It makes me feel as though Voyage truly cares about its patients and Team. I have to say that the spirit of working at Voyage is very unique. I never feel burdened by the work, because it feels like an act of servitude to the community. This is not something I have experienced in any other career path I've had. Voyage makes me enjoy productivity; makes me feel like I am part of something great.

Celimar Ricafrente


I love working with Voyage Medical because of the love, care, and hospitality that they offer not just to patients but also to their team members. You can barely find an organization that truly cares about both their patients and their team members. Voyage Medical helps my professional and personal growth because of the supportive and motivated environment I come across and learn from each day. I've learned to be more confident, and my knowledge has expanded in terms of the medical field. My Voyage family is willing to share with you the knowledge they have and strives for you to excel in any way they can. The continuous learning and they are making sure that everyone is lifting up, and no one is left behind.This is the biggest part that Voyage Medical has done for me.

Delia Quintin


I find fulfillment in my role at Voyage Medical because it allows me to contribute to the well-being of others. Being part of a healthcare team provides me with the opportunity to support patients and ensure the smooth functioning of the practice. I appreciate the dynamic nature of Voyage Medical and the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking healthcare services. Voyage Medical has provided me with a rewarding and meaningful work experience. I've had the opportunity to contribute to a team dedicated to patient care and well-being. The supportive environment and collaborative atmosphere has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. Overall, working at Voyage Medical has been a valuable and enriching experience for me.

David Kralik


Voyage Medical has given me a wonderful opportunity to lead a finance team for a very important mission: Returning Honor Back To Science. In doing so, I have also benefited from learning more about this important sector of the economy and how we intend to lead that transformation. What I love about working at Voyage Medical is being able to practice our Core Value of "Giving Patients Hope." Whether its through clinical trials or providing access to Primary Care Services, our work is making an impact on the community.

We are a team focusing on clinical research and primary care services.

For us, Voyage means serving

Voyage Medical takes pride in advancing research. We are conducting a wide range of clinical studies. Make a difference and join us on our quest for better research. Clinical Research Tempe, Clinical Research Ahwatukee, Clinical Research Cave Creek, Clinical Research Chandler, Clinical Research Fountain Hills, Clinical Research Gilbert, Clinical Research Glendale, Clinical Research Maricopa, Clinical Research Mesa, Clinical Research Paradise Valley, Clinical Research Peoria, Clinical Research Phoenix, Clinical Research Queen Creek, Clinical Research San Tan Valley, Clinical Research Scottsdale, Clinical Research Sun City, Clinical Research Surprise, Clinical Research Tempe, Clinical Research Tucson, Clinical Research Yuma, Clinical Research Near Me

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We conduct a diverse array of Clinical Trials and Research for medications and medical conditions. We have experience Covid-19 trials, Diabetic trials and more. Dementia Trial Tempe, Dementia Trial Ahwatukee, Dementia Trial Cave Creek, Dementia Trial Chandler, Dementia Trial Fountain Hills, Dementia Trial Gilbert, Dementia Trial Glendale, Dementia Trial Maricopa, Dementia Trial Mesa, Dementia Trial Paradise Valley, Dementia Trial Peoria, Dementia Trial Phoenix, Dementia Trial Queen Creek, Dementia Trial San Tan Valley, Dementia Trial Scottsdale, Dementia Trial Sun City, Dementia Trial Surprise, Dementia Trial Tempe, Dementia Trial Tucson, Dementia Trial Yuma, Dementia Trial Near Me

If you’re looking for a study in which you’d like to participate, you’ve come to the right place. Hypertension Trial Tempe, Hypertension Trial Ahwatukee, Hypertension Trial Cave Creek, Hypertension Trial Chandler, Hypertension Trial Chandler, Hypertension Trial Fountain Hills, Hypertension Trial Gilbert, Hypertension Trial Glendale, Hypertension Trial Maricopa, Hypertension Trial Mesa, Hypertension Trial Paradise Valley, Hypertension Trial Peoria, Hypertension Trial Phoenix, Hypertension Trial Queen Creek, Hypertension Trial San Tan Valley, Hypertension Trial Scottsdale, Hypertension Trial Sun City, Hypertension Trial Surprise, Hypertension Trial Tempe, Hypertension Trial Tucson, Hypertension Trial Yuma, Hypertension Trial Near Me

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