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Patient Centric Care

Waiting at the doctor’s office can be anxiety inducing and stressful. At Voyage Medical we strive to implement patient centric care; by starting from the patient and working outwards, we put our patients at the center of our decisions. We gather our personal experiences as healthcare professionals and patients to determine as a team what would our patients like to see and experience at our clinic. Our flexibility allows providers to deliver care that is catered towards the patients instead of the clinic. Patients at Voyage Medical receive personalized and attentive care that is established around their needs. In order to improve and learn from previous mistakes, feedback and constructive criticism are crucial. Feedbacks are always appreciated and taken in consideration and with all the information, we are able to make changes and improvements quickly. 

Our facility is centered around comfort and hope. We want to become the clinic that provides care that our own team members and family would go to. Patient centric care entails treating patients and family with dignity and respect. We strongly believe in including patients in all decisions about their health. Additionally, Voyage Medical acknowledges and understands preferences and cultural needs. Cultural accommodation is extremely important to us. 

Communication is essential for patient care. Voyage Medical team members value effective communication and support patients to express any questions or concerns. We not only advocate for our patients, but encourage patients to advocate for themselves. We practice therapeutic communication, active listening, and our nurses are here to offer emotional support for our patients. 

About Us

We are a team focusing on quality Healthcare And Clinical Research. Vaccination before travel is extremely important. It protects you and protects those around you. It ensures global public health.

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