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Voyage Medical - Core Values


To execute quality clinical research for the advancement of medicine. In this journey, we aim to partake in improving the quality of life for generations to come. Our driving purpose is to bring honor back to science. 


We value keeping our patients educated and informed when it comes to any studies or clinical trials they wish to participate in. Our patient-centric approach is vital to the spirit of our organization and we use our services as a means to drive healthcare education. Our vision is an educated public, empowered by the continued discoveries of Science.

Welcome to Voyage Medical - Core Values

Our values define our core and help drive the decisions we make. Our core values are principles that are essential to our mission, vision and objective. These are the values that we operate and grow by. Our Values are unchanging. We will preserve the core and stimulate progress. We expect every team member to adhere by these values completely. There is nothing more important than our Values.


Integrity in all that we do is a standard we will not compromise on. Integrity in how we deal with our patients, with each other, and integrity at the center of every decision.

Giving Patients Hope & Unreasonable Hospitality

Hope is essential to a patient’s quality of life and overall well-being. Hospitality is essential to showing love to patients. How we treat patients and all those we come across is part of Voyage’s spirit.

Being Mindful in Research we Pursue

We make certain that the studies we conduct are consistent with our belief that medical advancement can have a significant impact in changing the lives of our patients. Medical advancements have enabled the medical community to cure many diseases and save lives. We value giving our patients extra time in this world to enjoy the beauty that is life. Our aim is to give patients access to the most recent advancements in medicine; to inspire them to believe in a better tomorrow.

Empowering the Public Through Education

We believe an educated public is an empowered public. We focus on educating each patient that comes through our doors. We cultivate programs for interns, physicians, nurse practitioners and everyone in between to give our communities strength

Giving Purpose to Our Careers

A career at Voyage Medical should be full of purpose. It should be one that is gratifying and adds meaning to one’s life. This is a value we hold dearly, to make one’s career a gratifying endeavor.

Being Resilient

Resilience is a big part of our core values. It shows strength and aptitude when you can handle things you didn’t account for. Resilience even when the pressure is at its highest. To revolutionize healthcare – you must be resilient. As Elizabeth Edwards said, “Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before.”

Revolutionizing Healthcare

It is our aim to revolutionize healthcare by bringing out the passion it rightly deserves. Removing the fear of visiting a Voyage healthcare site. Removing the stigma that may come alongside participating or conducting research.

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Dedication Beyond Measure

Clinical Research is at the heart of what we do. We have a fully dedicated team to ensure Patient safety and data efficacy.


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