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WHAT IS Varicella Vaccine?

Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee is also known as chickenpox vaccine that helps a person to protect against chickenpox. It is a transmissible disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that it is recommended to have two doses of Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee for children, adolescents and adults.Two doses of the vaccine gives 90% effectiveness in preventing chickenpox and when you get vaccinated you protect yourself and others in your community. 

Varicella may be spread by: 

  1. Exposure with someone who have chickenpox 
  2.  Breathing air from someone infected who sneezes or cough 
  3. Coming in contact with fluids from an infected child’s eyes, nose or mouth 

Common Symptoms of Varicella or Chickenpox


Fever is a common symptom of a transmissible disease.This a non rash symptom that may last for a few days. It is important to first seek your Varicella Vaccine Clinic Ahwatukee to check and give you a diagnosis.


Fatigue is one of the symptoms of varicella. The feeling of being weak may begin one to two days before a rash appears on a person’s skin. It is the same feeling you experience when you are to have a common flu so it is always mistaken and taken for granted. The one thing you should keep in mind is that there are ways to prevent it like getting a shot of your Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee.


Headache is also a symptom of varicella and is common on a transmissible disease. This is a common symptom of most diseases and may be experienced many times. It is important to seek the Varicella Vaccine Clinic Ahwatukee to know exactly your disease.

More to Know About Varicella or Chickenpox

People at Risk of Varicella 


Pregnant Women



Children under the age of 2 and childhood under age of 10 are most at risk of varicella. Children have a weak immune system so they should be protected with Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee 
Pregnant people are susceptible to getting the disease because their immune system is affected by pregnancy. They are experiencing changes in hormone levels and immune system function that is why they are exposed to diseases. A pregnant woman should be vaccinated with the help of Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee to stay healthy and get the least risk of having Varicella.
Adults are more at risk of having varicella. If adults do not have Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee and may not have experienced Varicella they are at susceptible to the disease. Another risk factor is if the adult is living with unvaccinated children under age of 12. They are more at risk because they may experience serious complications such as pneumonia and inflammation of the brain (encephalitis).
Adolescents are at risk of having varicella because they are more exposed to contact with the group. Varicella may be transferred by coughing, sneezing and through contact with skin lesions. 

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Being Vaccinated is important to protect yourself from diseases. Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee will protect you from Varicella. Persons who are vaccinated may still have Varicella but they usually have a milder symptom with fewer or no rash, may have mild or no fever and have a shorter period of being sick than those persons who are not vaccinated. With the help of Varicella Vaccine Ahwatukee deaths are lessened. Most deaths are from unvaccinated children and adults. Vaccination is the best tool to protect ourselves from diseases. The Varicella vaccine Ahwatukee is safe and very effective in preventing the disease.   

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