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Tiffany Davis

Clinical Research Coordinator Level II

Tiffany is the Clinical Research Coordinator Level II here at Voyage Medical Michigan Site. She has several years’ experience as lead coordinator, clinical research coordinator when she joined Voyage Medical. She is passionate about the advancement of medicine & medical technologies to improve the lives of her patients and their families. Her focus now revolves around leading the Clinical Research Department Michigan Site at Voyage Medical on the Journey to Better Research.


Bachelor of Science Medical Case Management


Lead in Clinical Research Department in Michigan Site


Phone: 480-306-5000

Corporate Office: Tempe, Arizona


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Q & A

A brief introduction about yourself: Why did you decide to join Voyage Medical?

I choose Voyage because of their beliefs and goals to change patient care.

Do you have any achievements you can share? Both Professional and Personal?

I love basketball and was able to play over seas.

What is your favorite Voyage Core Value and why?

Changing healthcare, because healthcare is supposed to bring hope to people and that’s what I want to do.

What is your favorite quote?

Always put forth effort

What is your favorite hobby?

Watching football

What is your favorite TV Show? Favorite Movie?


Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite song?

Elvis Presley- that’s alright mama

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