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Saiaf Abdallah

Director of Operations

Saiaf Abdallah is the Director of Operations at Voyage Medical. He has a background in healthcare, vaccines, and clinical research. He has worked alongside a team of professionals to put together the hybrid model of vaccines and research seen at Voyage Medical.

“A pursuit of knowledge is very important to me”, says Saiaf, “I personally believe that the active search for scientific learning shouldn’t cease.” Saiaf Abdallah has been passionate about vaccines and research for nearly a decade. He holds a variety of seminars and educational classes to help the community better understand both vaccines and research.


Masters in Healthcare


Day to Day Operations; Efficiency Management, Healthcare Training, Hosting Seminars; Pharmaceutical Relations


Phone: 480-306-5000

Corporate Office: Tempe, Arizona


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Q & A

A brief introduction about yourself: Why did you decide to join Voyage Medical?

For most of my adult life, I was fascinated by the Italian Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Renaissance was about bringing honor back to mankind. When Waleed approached me in 2017 about this fairly new idea, I came to learn that Voyage Medical has a mission to Bring Honor Back to Science. That blew me away. I felt like it was in line with what always drove me, and on some level, felt like a calling. Voyage Medical appealed to me because of its relentless dedication to its mission. A relentless dedication to preserving value and culture. An aspiration to empower the public via education. I am immensely lucky and grateful to work with an incredible organization and team. I have never been happier 🙏❤️

Do you have any achievements you can share? Both Professional and Personal?

Personally, I am the luckiest man in the world because Hina Imran chose to marry me. Professionally, I am the luckiest because my Team gives me a chance to express myself and my ideas.

What is your favorite Voyage Core Value and why?

Giving Patients Hope and Hospitality. This one always resonates because you can see the excitement in patients when our team spoils them

What is your favorite quote?

“I am a pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world” – Mother Teresa

What is your favorite hobby?

Reading 📚 horseback riding 🐎 gym 🏋️‍♂️ and watching TV with the wife 👰‍♀

What is your favorite TV Show? Favorite Movie?

Deadwood and Deadwood

Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite song?

Favorite Song: Cosi Celeste – by Zucherro and Cheb Mami 
Favorite Composer: Yanni

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