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Roilan Morcilla

Marketing Coordinator

Roilan Morcilla is the Marketing Coordinator here at Voyage Medical who is passionate about Project Management and Team Leadership. He demonstrates eagerness in achieving organizational goals with his skills in Branding, SEO, Web Design, Blog Writing, and Content Creation. He believes in teamwork and creating a positive impact on patients by providing useful information through the different platforms of the organization.


Business Administration Major in Marketing Management




Phone: 480-306-5000

Corporate Office: Tempe, Arizona


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Q & A

A brief introduction about yourself: Why did you decide to join Voyage Medical?

My name is Roilan. Before I joined Voyage Medical, I used to work as a manager in one of the most popular fast-food chain for 9 years here in the Philippines. I joined Voyage Medical because I was introduced by my wife that there is opening of a clinic, work from home position. I am excited to join Voyage Medical because the intention was clear to me that it will give value to patient’s lives.

Do you have any achievements you can share? Both Professional and Personal?

For Professional aspects, I am the Marketing Coordinator here at Voyage Medical and corporate level 3 from a corporate level 2 position. I also worked as a manager for 9 years in a fast food chain, but before I achieved that, I used to work as a service crew and do other side jobs before I achieved my goal of being a manager. For personal achievement, we have our own house and lot.

What is your favorite Voyage Core Value and why?

For me “Integrity” because it plays as the center of our decision.

What is your favorite quote?

One of my favorite quote is “Do It, Don’t Quit” We should not stop from achieving our goals. We need to push ourselves to achieve those goals.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is singing.

What is your favorite TV Show? Favorite Movie?

I have a lot of favorite TV show but I am fond of watching “Singing Competition” like the Voice. 
One of my favorite movie is “A Star is Born” – Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite song?

My Favorite singer local is Gary Valenciano, International Michael Buble Ed Sheeran. 
Favorite Song is Unchained Melody

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