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Nadia Clarke

Backup CRC

Nadia is the Backup CRC here at Voyage Medical. She has experience in Covid research and diabetes pathology. She is passionate about the advancement of medicine & medical technologies to improve the lives of her patients and their families. She has worked in multiple indications over the years building on her skill set. Her focus now revolves around supporting the Clinical Research Department at Voyage Medical on the Journey to Better Research.


B.S. in Physiology and Medical Sciences, Biochemistry and Public Health


Clinical Research


Phone: 480-306-5000

Corporate Office: Tempe, Arizona


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Q & A

A brief introduction about yourself: Why did you decide to join Voyage Medical?

I decided to join Voyage Medical because when I interviewed with Saiaf, Dr Imran and Cass, they got me so excited about the mission statement. I could tell I was working with a team that cares about their values above all and upholds this unwavering.

Do you have any achievements you can share? Both Professional and Personal?

A professional achievement would be retaking the mcat and casper exam this past year while working and a personal achievement would be taking some domestic solo trips alone!

What is your favorite Voyage Core Value and why?

Mine would have to be the flustered duck – it has made me feel much more confident in my role, even if I have to fake it until I make it

What is your favorite quote?

Do or do not, there is no try!

What is your favorite hobby?

Running, reading, and traveling !

What is your favorite TV Show? Favorite Movie?

Criminal Minds 💀

Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite song?

I really enjoy all music, I’ve even gotten into country lately lol I love more of a good beat and lyrics than the actual genre.

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