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Leadership through Evidence-Based Research

The Voyage Medical team has an extensive experience in overseeing clinical research trials. We are adamant believers in the advancement of medicine through evidence-based research. 

Leaders With A Vision

We are dedicated to the journey of better research. Our aim is to continuously provide quality data and the best possible patient outcomes. We work to maintain multiple research trials on a wide variety of patients. Through aligned goals, we focus on compassion for all – driving positive change through research.

In 2018, Saiaf Abdallah and Dr. Ali Imran came together to discuss a vision for clinical research. growing up together in Arizona during their teenage years, they had a mutual understanding on what the community at large needed. In 2019, they pursued their vision of clinical research and began Voyage Medical. The name Voyage Medical is used to describe what we stand for. A voyage is something many people aspire to take, in hopes of finding a better tomorrow. To us, “Voyage” means showing respect for all people by providing a journey to better research. We hope to help our patients lead healthy, meaningful lives. 
Saiaf Abdallah, D.O.O.

Saiaf Abdallah, D.O.O.

Director of Operations
Saiaf Abdallah is one of the owners and operators of Voyage Medical. He has long been passionate about Research and Vaccines. He runs the day-to-day operations at our Tempe location and oversees the Clinical Research Trials. 
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Ali Imran, MD

Medical Doctor
Ali Imran is one of the owners and operators of Voyage Medical. He finds patient education to be of utmost importance. Dr. Imran oversees the Clinical Research trials conducted by Voyage Medical.
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Ali Imran, MD


To execute quality clinical research for the advancement of medicine. In this journey, we aim to partake in improving the quality of life for generations to come. Our driving purpose is to bring honor back to science.


We value keeping our patients educated and informed when it comes to any studies or clinical trials they wish to participate in. Our patient-centric approach is vital to the spirit of our organization and we use our services as a means to drive healthcare education. Our vision is an educated public, empowered by the continued discoveries of Science.

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Clinical Research Drives Change

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Dedication Beyond Measure

Clinical Research is at the heart of what we do. We have a fully dedicated team to ensure Patient safety and data efficacy.

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